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Hello fanfiction readers! I'm Sparrow, a girl from Ravenclaw, and I'm completely obsessed with Harry Potter. Though, if you've read my stories, you probably already knew that. I have finally decided which couple I like best, and it's George/Hermione. I even wrote a story about them (Gemini)! I also like Colin/Ginny stories...though none really exist.

Though I usually don't put it in my stories, I don't own Harry Potter or anything relating to him (though it would be considerably cool to have a Firebolt), but J.K. Rowling does...I don't own any TV shows or various other book series' either, by the way. (I might write some Animorphs fanfiction, as soon as I'm done with Muggles and Marauders, which, as it seems, might take me a long time!)

Sirius Black is my favourite HP character, both his younger version (usually portrayed in fanfiction as a Fred or George Weasley type person) and the older version, and I hope he's never caught and taken back to Azkaban... I also believe wholeheartedly that Dumbledore, the famous headmaster of Hogwarts, is evil, or at least hiding some horrible secret, probably to be elaborated on in my (currently nonexistant) website.

I'm also obsessed with Animorphs, and am soon to be obsessed with the new book series Remnants. Tobias is ABSOLUTELY the best of the Animorphs, and I doubt I'll ever write an Animorphs fanfiction that doesn't focus on him.

Oh, and go "Hey Arnold!" It's definitely my favourite cartoon of all time, and perhaps even my favourite show. Helga rules, nearly as much as Tobias.

Finally, but still importantly, I like Lord of the Rings, and Frodo is the absolute best character in the whole world who actually is on the same level as Helga, Tobias, and Sirius. (Wouldn't it be awesome if they all existed in the same universe?) I haven't quite finished the book series (just because I can never find my books!), but I will, and I know most of the story.

I think that's about it for now. See you at Hogwarts! (...or at P.S. 118...)(...or in Middle-Earth...)

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