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No, there is no new chapter, you guys, and I’m really sorry for that. I’m writing because of the new FF policy, which basically states that there will be no more NC-17 stories allowed on FF. This obviously means, no more of my fics. As a result I won’t be adding any new chapters to Grey Lines or any new fics to FF. Sorry!

Don’t panic though. This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing anymore. No, I’m not that evil to leave you guys in the middle of a fic. I now how incredibly annoying that is. No, I intend to continue to write, and a lot (I’m in the middle of the next chapter of Grey Lines which will be out tomorrow or the day after)!!! I just won’t be adding anything to FF, since it’s going to be erased on October the 12th. Anyway, for all you guys who want to continue reading this story (Grey Lines) just go to the Buffy & Spike Central - http:///bscentral/, or my site Echidna’s Pen – http:///80s/echidna/index.htm .

Hope you guys understand. I’m really sorry for the changes, but if you check out BSC you’ll see it’s great too! ;)

Hope to hear from you guys soon (BSC also has a reviews section;)

Thanks for the support. ;)