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HELLO! ^_^ Thanks for wandering into my abysmal corner of the less-than-mediocre universe!

Stories that I will most likely attempt at some point (please note that I will list a persons personal name first and then their surname if I list a specific character name, despite how most of these stories will be in the manga section):

-Kamehikari Misfits (My Genre-Bending piece involving Catgirls, Bishounen Swordsmen, Angst, a Genius and his Bio-Robot Girlfriend, A punk kid exiled from half of the countries on the planet, Giant Mecha, Romance, Magic, an unlucky Telepath, an Americanized school, and bascially anything else that happens during Life on a Space Colony.)

-Pathos Story (A friendly story about eight kids with unlucky lives. We have: The generally depressed dude, The overly-clumbsy guy, Spontaneous Combustion boy, A guy that is hooked on the old Atari 2600-type video games, A Girl that is continually struck by lightning, a girl who is constantly followed by evil spirits and usually causes extensive collateral damage in banishing them, a depressed girl who is unimpressive in almost every category, and a catgirl who is constantly in danger of being chased by half of the boys from school for several miles)

-Koneko Naisho (The story about the life of eight high-school student catgirls and their young catgirl landlord. Romantic, funny, kind of a shoujo manga-type story, excepting the bits where it can get kind of naughty... ^_^)

-Crackpot Anime Matsuno Legacy (My attempt at an insane comedy series much like Excel Saga or Puni Puni Poemi. The ronin main character Haruo Matsuno continues on his daily adventures of trying to find a job and stay alive while eventually dealing with shinobi out to kill him, an insanely large fanclub filled with high-school girls who want to marry him, mafioso types, an alien, an angel, stupid friends, and so on.)

-FPS Clockwar (My attempt at a video game anime, similar to the .hack series. The small group of characters invovled play around in the world of guns and swords and various other abilities as part of the greatest game of all time, the first game with nearly infinite customization possibilities. The only catch is that you need to acquire points to increase your power or to unlock some interesting customization features. And how else do you gain the points than by fighting other people and going through various missions. But when an evil hacker/player tries to take advantage of this wide-spread fandom by spreading a virus that will overclock every computer system connected to the various servers, it becomes a race against time to save all of the players from having a potentially lethal bomb for a computer the next time they activate it.)

-Aesthesis (A giant mecha story inspired by RahXephon. Main character Rokko Narita finds his city is under attack and tries to find a place for himself and his fellow student, Sakiko Kamiya, to hide. Unwittingly, he ends up in the piloting chamber of the Aesthesis, a secret weapon to fight off the enigmatic enemy forces threatening to destroy his world. Using the Pinpoint Aura Amplification system and the power of Sakiko and the other eleven "Muses", Rokko will be forced to defend his home with the arts he is so accomplished at, painting a grand canvas with his opponents blood and his own tears.)

-Bloody World (A three part series invovling many instances in a dangerous world. In 'Destruction' we encounter mercenary Darren Vandenguard on his journey, as number 1, to find the source of the 25 best fighters that could topple any government in the world and destroy it. In 'Restoration', Father Siegfried Aldarin doubles as both priest and executioner for the lost souls of the land on his journey to restore peace to the world after the end of the governing forces behind the Best 25. In 'Voidspace' the nameless assassin fights for the final solution for all of mankinds problems, utter annihilation, using his abilities to alter even the basic laws of physics to put any who would oppose him six feet under.)

-Genetic Dogma (This occult/religious piece was inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion. First, in 'Bio-Server', a young boy who lives underground finds a young girl lying in a dumpster with only a few scraps of cloth wrapped around her, and eventually they discover the true purpose for her: the ultimate technology that will be understood when the data is read from her various biological signs. In 'Demonic Structural Technology', benevolent follower Misako Otsuka discovers that the so-called religion of the nation of Second Ziggurat is merely a derivation of some ultimate, inhuman technology, eventually escaping her computerized imprisonment and unlocking the key that will open paradise when the time is right, for the right people. In 'Exodus', Kazuyuki Saijou finds herself on the run from Second Ziggurat for falling in love with a teenage girl who was raised to be a priestess of the nations religion. The two meet with many friends and foes on the way, overcoming difficulties and eventually reaching paradise.)

With all of these ideas, it's a wonder I still have that tiny little scrap of sanity left. I hope I can actually get to writing these.

Anyways, read what I have right now and I'll try to write as soon as I can.

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