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We are the Avengers of those who have been victims of a Ripper; a Ripper is someone who 'rips off' another author's story/fic. We are here to get back at those who have willingly and maliciously caused pain and defiled the pride of those who had worked so hard.

Instead of listing our favorite authors under the 'Fav Author's option, we have listed the known Rippers on .

We are Avenger Kitten, and Avenger Angel. We are sisters in the battle against Rippers. This is no joke, no dramatic bio to give you shivers. While we write this, adrenaline born of rage is in our veins.

A friend has been hurt, and that was the last, the LAST straw. Read our story and know why we fight this fight.

We ask only that you help us by reporting (you may remain annonymous) anyone who has copied another's story, plot, character, idea, ect. Report them not only to the staff, but to us as well.

No, we're not just out for revenge, we're out for justice, to make sure that as little a number of author's as possible is hurt by this wicked act that so many have taken up.

We are the Avengers.

Our Mission: To set fear into the hearts of all Rippers.

Mission: Accepted.

We're watching you, Rippers.