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Hi! Exodia here. I am new to the site, so that might explain why my name is not familiar to most of you (excluding Celeste, soul-child and Stone Raven and Ariandir who I know from school). I am a big fan of Yu-gi-oh, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Heavy Gear. I write mostly Yu-gi-oh fanfics, with the occasional exception, so expect to see my stories mostly in the Anime theme catagories.
I am also into sci-fi and fantasy type stuff. My favourite films are Independence Day and Star Wars (that is generally as in the Trilogy and Episode 1), and my fav. books are Harry Potter and H.M.S. Unseen.
So, if you like Yu-gi-oh and general Anime theme stuff, I hope you'll read some of my work.

P.S. Ariandir wrote this, not me!so thanks