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Update 13 December 2010

Yes, still alive if anyone cares (sure do hope someones does). Well I'm really planning to continue with Paladins (although time constraints...) and then start a rewrite of Ojarji.

Update 13 October 2009

Well this has been a interesting couple of months... Just when I was ready to start writing again my harddrive crashes (actually all 3 of my harddrives). Then I buy myself a 1TB (which then goes on to break, stupid seagate firmware issue!). Currently I'm still working on a few things but I won't by able to turn anything in until next month since I currently have to complete my theses.

But anyway I'll probably post a few chapters of Paladins next months (I was able to recover that atleast).

Update: 24 January 2009

Wow, finally back after, 2 YEARS!! (Again it would seem :P). Oh well what can I say, I've spend the last 3 years at university and things just seemed to... well you know the old story.

Anyway that doesn't mean that I haven't been working on a few things in the meantime. I've mostly been working on Paladins of Balodin, essentially it ties into the Duman Ojarji, although its a prequal set atleast 10-20 years before Duman Ojarji. Basically I wanted to expand on the world of Imos/Duman Ojarji, I'm planning on revisiting Duman Ojarji naturally but I might just do a complete rewrite of the whole thing. Anyway I've hit a bit of a writers block with Paladins of Balodin I've finished a 6 chapters already which I should be uploading as I finish with spelling, grammer, changes etc.

Well if my final year at university isn't too hectic I hope to be more active. Anyway hope you all enjoy my stories!

Updated: 7 January 2006

Well guess I've been quite for quite some time, took a bit of a long vacation there (about two years!) but I'm back now. On the story side of things I'm planning a few re-writes, get rid of all of those errors. Hopefully upload a new chapter every now and then, but don't keep your hopes up I have a bad habit of jumping from project to project leaving them half finished for weeks on end. Anyway hope you all enjoy my stories.

Story progress:

Heksrivier chains: Done.

Let me in let me in: Done.

Warrior of Ki: The beggining: Done. Although oldish and full of mistakes but not planning a rewrite.

Duman Ojarji: Currently on pause, I'm planning a few other stories also set in Imos, basically just a little more background and lore. But I'm planning to come back and redo the whole story from scratch.

Warrior of Ki 2: The Other world: done

Evolver: done. Planning a rewrite.

Warrior of Ki3: Ningen Kyouki: on hold, perhaps forever :(

Fatal: Seems that not many people are interested, but I kind of liked where the story was going so I'm planning a rewrite and after that a few new chapters..

Samurai and Hitokiri: on hold, hopefully I'll get back to this one.

Evolver 02: On hold, planning a little more writing effort.

Project Hephaestus: Done, might come back to this one.

Seraphim: On hold

Paladin's of Balodin: Primary focus at this time.

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