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hey, so im a college student, studying in one of the lovely midwestern states of the good old USofA (and i'm saying that last bit with sarcasam). anyways, iv just come back to FictionPress a few years ago, and have created many stories since. I'm still updating most of my stories, so i havne't quit on any of them yet. I usually spend all my free time on, but i have started writing stories agian for here. my updates will be few and far between, because i just don't have that much time during my semesters to be writing. well, that's a lie. i do have enough time, but if i use that time to write, then i will most likely fail my classes. so yea.

anyways, i have a Maximum Ride fanfiction story if you want to check it out just click this link. i also have harry potter stories on there. the only one i've been thinking about reviving is The Price of War story. so i may pick that Harry Potter story back up.

now on to my stories on here.

I am kind of a fantasy junky. and a vampire junky. and some other supernatural things as well. so most of my stories will be dealing with that.

Sanctuary- i had to write a sci-fi story for my sci-fi class. i actually got an 'A' on it. so i guess it was good. But it deals with a gov't that is overly strict.

Forbidden Fruit- It is a vampire/human story. It has romance, and alot of action and drama in it. I have just started it, but it's going well, and I have alot planned for it. so if you come to this profile wondering what to read, read this one. It is by far, the best on my profile. It's about a girl who moves to a small town after her mothers funeral. Read the summery for more.

Shaping Fate- it's mainly in the POV of a shape shifter named Elyon. She moves to a small town to live with her father, and realizes that it might not be as bad as she first though, because there is a forest. But she's not the only one who runs free in the forest, as she soon finds out. It's has romance, action, and drama.

Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction- Just a little story i wrote for my Creative Writing class at school. It deals with this woman who wants to date this guy, but he keeps refusing her because he doesnt want to put her in danger. It's real short.

Time Continues On- Ariana lives through an unspeekably horrible accident in which she looses her mother. This is not for the weak hearted. The story does get rather graphic in its teeling of the accident. This is also not going to be related back to Forbidden Fruit in any way.

They Call it Vacation, I Call it a Week in Hell- this is a new story that i wrote last semester for a creative writing class, but then decided not to use it for the class. i like it, i find it amusing. but maybe that's just me. heh. anyways, if you like sarcasim and some dry humor, you may like it. it's not very long, so give it a shot.

An Abundance of black- is something i created at dinner with my parents. they were reading books, and i was bored. it's an anit-government story. it takes place in the USA, only, it's not the same America that you and I know, it's different. changed. you are not allowed to protest the government (though some may argue you can not do that now, this is more stict), and if you do, there are serious consequences. which are main girl, realizes. you are not allowed to say anything against the goverenment, or participate in anything that goes against the gov't. and the government isn't really even the government anymore. it's something worse. this story comes out of my newly developed dislike for my government, and the actions said government takes against certian places and people. i am not very patriotic or nationalistic, as you have probably realized. also, this story is kind of like our homeland security shit on steroids.

so there you go. there are a few stories i have written, that i haven't mentioned above, but if we want to know what they are about, they're short. so just read them.

Have fun, and don't forget to review!


February 27th 2009- So i just recently added a new story called, An Abundance of Black, you guys should all read it! lol. well, maybe not if you like the gov't or something. all right i'm done plugging my new story.

so, i just updated Shaping Fate. i'll try and write more and update soon, but if you know me you know that it takes me a while to update. so don't expect anything right away. so that's all the updates i have for now.

have a nice day/evening/afternoon

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