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Okay, let's see, judging by the name, I'm a girl...*giggle* A cat girl, to be precise...Anyway, I'm based in Alberta, Canada, but I'm not saying exactly where...just in case any of you are stalkers...*giggle* I'm a total anime fanatic, with too many faves to name...well, not really...but let's just say I'm lazy and I don't feel like writing 'em all down!

Anyway, obviously, I write fanfics, and I hope you enjoy 'em! Critisism is accepted, flames are not...but I'm warning you, I've been known to freak out sometimes, due to stress and personal circumstances...*giggle* and the fact that I have a big ego...But, I've been working on it, and am in the beginning stages of developing myself a nice, hard, Vegeta-esque shell so the comments don't get to me, along with bashing down my self esteem so even the meanest of reviews seems like a compliment...*giggle* J/K. Feel free to leave suggestions, and though I might not always agree with you, from now on, I promise not to have any public freak outs unless you're really mean! *giggle*

Anyway, my fics are below, hope you enjoy 'em, and feel free to send me an email if you like! I love getting email! *smile*