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*scene opens to the Mistress clawing away at her braces* I swear they super-glue these things on! *notices people staring at her* Oh! Heya' everybody! I'm the one and only Mistress of All Worlds.
Favorite t.v. shows:
1. Record of Lodoss War
2. Zoids
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Outlaw Star
5. Digimon
6. Card Captors
7. Tenchi Muyo
8. Magic Knight Rayearth
9. Slayers
10. Orphen
11. X-men Evolution
12. The Zeta Project
13. Yugioh
14. Yu Yu Hakusho
15. Inuyasha
16. Pilot Candidate
17. Dragon Ball Z
18. Cowboy Bebop
19. Soul Hunters
20. Slayers
21. Charmed
22. Smallville
23. Birds of Prey
24. 7th Heaven
25. Sorcerer Hunters

Favorite couples:
1. Me and Phibby (Phibrizzo)
2.Bit and Leena
3. T.K. and Kari
4. Syaoran and Sakura
5. Umi and Ascot
6. Sora and Matt
7. Lance and Kitty
8. Deedlit and Parn
9. Van and Fiona
10.Orphen and Cleao
11. Filia and Xellos
12. Kenshin and Kaoru
13. Serena and Darien
14. Relena and Heero
15. Misao and Aoshi
16. Kurama and Botan
17. Inuyasha ad Kagome
18. Miroku and Sango
19. Spike and Faye
20. Melfina and Gene
21. Zero ad Kizna
22. Goku and Chi Ch
23. Tira and Carrot

Like Angel of the Dark, I have obsessions and if you read them, you'll be wasting a minute of your life. Here they are!
Phibby, killing Harry, killing Daisuke, killingThomas, eating, Phibby, Record of Lodoss War, Orphen, Phibby, Zoids, eating, Phibby, gameboy, t.v., Phibby, Slayers, fanfics, Phibby, and much more! And did I mention Phibby? And to let everybody know, Phibby is mine! Just mine and nobody else's! So there! *sticks out tongue*

To all those flamers out there, this is not a good time to flame me because right now I have to wear a night brace and I haven't been getting too much sleep! This means I'm not in a good mood. I also have to wear the night brace whenever I'm at home so I'm also getting MAJOR headaches! So, you do not want to see me get angry.

I have something to say to Angel of the Dark who is supposed to be my friend, I am not stupid! If you want proof, look at my report cards! And you can also ask Shadow! So there! *sticks out tongue*

I have the Legend of Mana game which I love to play but I need help. If you have any tips or cheats on the Legend of Mana game, please email me!

There is a lot more about me and I probably could go on and on and on FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *people sweatdrop at overly enthusiastic author*

Currently, I am deleting a few of my fics but have no fear I have new stories in mind!

Coming Up Soon:

Cyber World

Slayers Resurrection

Coming Up Later:

Rebels 2
Rebels: Blood of the Past
The Spirits Around Us
Realm of Lost Souls 2: The Pain of the Past

Slayers Adventures in High School 2
Slayers Resurrection 2

I hope everybody is enjoying my fanfics! Well I have to go right now! Seyonara suckers!

u noe whut? shadow luvs xellos!

jokin'! :)

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