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*blinks* Someone wants to know about me? Well, okay. I'm an oddly short and big-mouthed fourteen-year-old who currently resides in a small slate blue duplex overlooking Casco Bay in Portland, Maine. The stench of trout and other evil fish is something you adapt to if you've lived in Maine your whole life. I was born 1 September, 1987, in the building that might to be lucky enough to be considered the tallest building in all of Portland, the Maine Medical Center [that hospital scares me, the seats are cold… *gulps]. It's not like my physical description is one of the necessities for hosting my fics here but if you're interested, I have long and thick dark brown hair, Asian-toned skin, and big brown eyes. They're too big.

Oh Sweet Moon, you're probably saying, the crazed lunatic has a list of hobbies? Of course I do! I like to write, for starters. And I love to read. I'm currently reading The Color Purple, by Alice Walker (also a good debut by Whoopi Goldberg in the motion picture), Holes, by Louis Sachar (recommended by Daniel Radcliffe, the delicious little prince, him), The Sorcerer's Companion, a guide to all the magical terms in the Harry Potter series, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, a Stephen King book (bless him), I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, just for the sheer fun of it. I also ride my bike in the summer, play soccer a lot because I make a fairly decent goalie, play basketball, boss my younger half-brother around, whine to my father so he'll fork over child support checks to Mum and me, and learn. I love school, and it's even better when you get all As.

I speak some languages, like French, which I am almost fluent in. I shouldn't even say that, though, because sometimes I make mistakes. I also know smatterings of Italian and Chinese, but not enough to go out and have a conversation with a native from the country (ies). Did I mention I love Daniel Radcliffe? He is…. [If I kept going, I would violate the Terms of Service, which is a major no-no.]

Stories I've written pertaining to Harry Potter are Ma Coeur Fait Boom, a long-term collaboration project I started back in August 2001 with author Jaheira and not expected to be created until 2003, whereupon we will begin our *sequel* entitled Ma Coeur Nouveau Né, Love's Real Reference, Towel!Harry, The Prophet Personals (not yet posted nor finished), The Adventures of Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle (not yet posted), To Betray (not posted or even finished!), The Assignment (same here!), Erratic: Draco's Monologue (in the works), and others. Most are still in the works because I'm a) too lazy to work on them b) I haven't the time c) I need certain information to write them, like if I've been inspired by a movie and I need to see the movie before I finish the fic, as is the case with Idly Minding Julian, another fic in the works.

I think that's about it. Happy?