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I haven't updated my BIO in forever, so I guess I should do that now...
I have also realized that I haven't put any stuff about me, which may cause some people to think that I am paranoid about pedifiles, which I am.

Name: Madison

Age: sadly, I am only 13 so thats probably why a lot of my little ficcies suck!! but then again i could be some 40 year old fat balding guy...*shudders*

Height: 5'3

Weight: 107 lbs

Looks: hm...i could say that I look similar to Marylin Monroe, but then I would be lying and I would feel guilty because if I looked like her, well then, I wouldn't be sitting here at my computer at 3 o'clock in the morning, I would be a millionaire making movies. Ok i have long brown hair, Im a bit short, scrawny, no freckles small nose, with a bit of a caucasion look. The only feature I pride myself in are my eyes, cause my left one is green and my right one is brown.

Personality: i can go on PMSing spree's whenever, (i can be pretty scary sometimes...grrrr...) I am usually playful, and like to joke around a lot. I can also be a tad sarcastic, well okay a lot sarcastic but in general, a happy person. (is that even possible?) I don't know if this could be considered a part of my personaliy but it should be: i can't spell. I mean it's so bad when I introduce myself to someone its usually "Hi, my name's Maddy and I can't spell. Nice weather we're having, isn't it?"

Family: My family is going to be the next Osbournes, just ten times worse.

Home: Now why would i say a thing like that? I am an all american girl and thats all im going to say. except right now, or for the next few years or however long Bush is going to be in office, I'm not proud to be one because of all the evil things we are doing!! I'm not pretending I know a lot about politics, but trust me, I at least know we shouldn't be killing innocent people.

Ah yes, to prove my point about bush *and the fact that i think he is a complete idiot* i am going to tell you all a quote a friend sent to me:

"We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbor like you like to be liked yourself.

-George W. Bush

I think that man is a few fries short of a happy meal.

now go away all u stalkers hackers or just freaky people in general

Hey everyone! Thanks to all of those who review my stories and i am really sorry i am putting up new ones and not up dating old ones...^_^ i would have a least 50 stories write now if i put all of my ideas onto the website and none of them would get done so i put the ones i like the best...O.o

Ok I've added one more story to my list!! ^_^ sry for not updating...

Turning Face: I am working on it...^_^

A geisha to remember: currently writing next chapter i am still deciding where i should go with the story. I have a few idea's i am just trying to pick the best one!!! *

Here in the future: waiting to see everyone's reaction aka do u like it? if so i will put up more chapters!! yea i've only got one review for it so far. I am going to wait for at least ten reviews if i am going to update it!

Hanyou: Have half of the next chapter written but after that i have major major writers block...sry!!! ^_^ I am planning on putting up the next chapter ASAP

Martial Arts: long has it been for that story? a year? i don't no if i am going to anyone cares...thanx to all who reviewed i am still considering...

I have another idea for a new Inuyasha story which i will post soon up here. You can e-mail if you like the idea and if not i will delete it and put up a new idea every month.

I am gonna see how that system works so i can veto my story plots if nobody likes them!

I am really sorry that i am sometimes it takes awhile to put up new chaps, but thats because, no matter how much i love writing, grammar and spelling will be my down fall...^_^;;; I have to check each chapter about 10 times over to get all of my mistakes and even then...O.o

thanx to everybody for reviewing and everything!!

signing out