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I am very much into Enterprise. I don't want to admit it, but I'm a shipper: C/P, H/M, and T/T. I am officially retiring as a writer of Enterprise fan fiction as I have run out of plots and am enjoying Harry Potter too much.

I also enjoy some Babylon 5, a little Darkwing Duck, a good bit of Final Fantasy X (Aurikku, mostly), and I'm also hooked on Harry Potter (Severus Snape stories generally, though I feel like I should profess my undying love for Lucius Malfoy and Remus Lupin too).

But I started out writing Enterprise fan fiction ...
Well, then just a little FFX.
And then there's the Family Affair story that few people read ...
And, of course, I've written a couple of Harry Potter stories ...
I guess I'm branching out.

Writing makes me happy; publishing makes me nervous.

Archiving? I'm flattered! If you want to archive anything I have written, please just send me an email and give credit where credit is due (to the original author, to the owners, to the fic writer (me)).

This is a group I just started at yahoo:


Anyone who is interested in the AD/MM ship is welcome to join or to email me for info.

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