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This is dedicated to works created from my imagination.Let's see how you feel, if it disturbs you or inspires you I have done my job well.

WARNING: I deal with SLASH, and if this offends your sensibilities, please go elsewhere. Let us respect each other.

Please observe the ratings of the fics here. Do not read them if you are averse to:
(1) relationship between people of the same sex, and
(2) graphic violence and excessive sexual violence.

Update : 15-August 2002
My Fanfiction site is up. You can find some of my fics which are not archived anywhere else here:

My stories are also archived in Schnoogle: http:///authorLinks/Zed/Breaking_Barriers_The_Series/
Riddikulus: http:///authorLinks/Zed/

Other random stuff
I have the unfortunate gift of picking up random words from books, magazines or conversations, and these occasionally pop up in my writings. Most of the time I cannot recall where or who originate them. If you discover any, do let me know and I will give credit as due.

Play nice.

If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work : "Hello, can't work today. Still queer." -- Robin Tyler