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Once upon a time there was a young writer from California who swore one thing... "I will never wirte fan fiction."

Well the vow was broken and here I am writing like crazy. Oh well it's the way things go right?

Requests for those that bother to care... leave reviews. Any review... if you don't like something tell me why. If you love something tell me why.
Flame me... I dare you.. go ahead I'm a big girl I can take the abuse. (keep the potty mouth to minimum though huh..)

Challenge me. I'm open to a challenge. Hell most of my better stories have been challenges. So if you have a good one lay it on me.

Share and share a like... So if you happen to see a bit of poetry you like... or wanna swipe my story for viewing on your own site. I'm all for sharing. Just you know let me know you're doing it and make sure I get credit for what is mine.

Open invitation... for other writers just in case... On occasion I've come across alt realities by other authors that i'd love to play in. And I never get to... so for those that may like a little realiy or afterverse i create and wanna chance to dabble for a bit... send me an email and I bet you... yes I bet you i'll say yes.

What else... oh nothing much... I hope you enjoy my stories... I hope if you don't you'll tell me so. Happy reading.

yahoo im: akriel45 (give me a buzz)

vital stats:
Age: I was born in 1978 please to be doing the math.
Birthday: Aug 10th... yes I am a leo.
fav colors: reds and violets
fav music: I have no clearly defined genre I stick to... so latin jazz to punk and classical to r&b. there are no limits.
Random fact: Alithea is greek for the truth
Fav characters: that's tough but I'd have lay claim to Juri (utena), Setsuna (from Sailor Moon), Kanoe (X), Shiori (Utena), Satasuki (X), BC (Vandread), barnette (vandread), Gasconge (vandread), Makoto (Sailor moon) and of course Ami (Sailor moon).
that's it... here enjoy these quotes:

"They call 'em fingers...but I've never seen them fing"- Otto from the Simpson's

"By the way...I hate you too. Get out of my bed"- Shiori speaking to Juri in Jilly-Chan's story Road Rage (everyone should read this fic by the by)

"Don't mistake privalige for a blank check"- Juri from Utena the musical.

"Keep me up until five only because all your stars are out... and for no ohter reason"- J.D. Salinger Seymour an Introduction