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Indy: Hi there! We are the Otaku Girls, and we are here to protect the world from evil Fanfics!

Jen: Indy! You're making us sound like the Boujo Senshis! Do it right!

Ryn: *pulls out a huge gun and laughs evilly* Don't anybody move! This is a stickup! *stops* Hey! I thought we were gonna play cops and robbers? *tosses gun aside and crosses arms* You're all no fun.

Lily: *squeak* Am I the only sane one in the otaku girls?

Lauren's Bio-
Ummm... let's see... My name is Ryn and I'm a spaz. No arguement there, huh? I like to read and write, draw, play video games (big time! who else here can't get enough of Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy X??), and surf the net. I love anime! ...Uhhh...what else? *shrugs and wanders off; stops midstep and adds* Yeah, I've also got a short attention span. *continues to wander off*

Jenashu's Bio-
Jen is the founder of The Otaku Girls. She is the second oldest and possibly the most mature of them[Lily's note: oh that's really nice! =P meanie!]{Indy: I'd like to say something about that, but unfortunately, I have no right to talk..Look, Jen, Quatre!}...Except when she's over-excited. Izzy is her top Bisho. Loves writing romantic/humor Anime fanfics. Other skills include drawing, singing, softball, school, and video games.

Lily's Bio-
Lily is the second youngest of the Otaku Girls and is usually a quiet person, but gets extremely excited over other people's drawings. She's a sucker for anything Davis and can actually be kinda shy... v_v;; She's quite random and loves things that go SQUEAK! *grabs Dai plushie that squeaks* She likes video games, CLAMP's works and...attemting to draw when she knows she really can't. ^^;;

Indigo's Bio-
Indy is the youngest member in the Otaku Girls. She is a very talented artist with a giant flair for humor and parody. That explains why she's always hyperactive and sugar high... Indy never misses a chance to use her sarcasm to be as blunt as possible. Beware when she's on a caffene rampage.. She is un-shutupable! Her top anime/manga right now is Fushigi Yugi.

Indy: :cheers: GO TASUKI!!