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In this world,
it is my final heaven.
My name...
Max Safari

Description part I

Jerails:"Okay, I have a question for you, Max."

Max:"Yeah, what is it?"

Vivi jr."Why is your haiku like that?"

Max:"...I never thought of that..."

In the background, you can hear machine-gun fire*


Amy:"Hiya Max! Watcha 'doin?"

Max:"Writing fanfictions."

Vivi jr.:"And so far, it's been going well."

Amy:"Ooh...can I watch?"

Max:"I don't know, Jerails gets seizures from looking at the screen..."

Amy:"Please?:bats eyes:"

Max:"Defense, lowering...must...OK!"

Amy:"Thanks! Can you get me an ice cream sundae too?"

Max:"Ha. You're not that good."

Amy:"Pretty please?:bat's eyes, fake tear, purses lips:"

Vivi jr:"Max! You have to continue writing!"

Max:"...Whatever...fine, just let me write..."


Jerails in the background, having a giggle attack while flopping like a fish on the ground*

Max:"Charles! Get the Tylenol!...I'll need it..."

Description part II

Max:"Well, school kinda got in the way of my story writing..."


Jerails:"Oh well, just continue where you left off and maybe nobody will notice..."

Hey! He's back! Get him!*

Vivi jr.:"Run!"

Desctiption partIII

Max:"Aww, Sh..."

Jerails:"Vivi jr., Max almost said a bad word!"

Vivi jr.:"Why?"

Max:"I got bitten by a centipede not once, but twice! Both on the same hand! My entire right hand can't move gawda..."

Jerails:"He almost said a bad word again!"

Max:"You may call this good luck, but this Friday, I have a science test that if I fail, I have to repeat the 7th grade."

Vivi jr.:"That is lucky."

Max:"...and I can't slip out of it! Sh..."

:Machine gun fire in the background block out the bad word:

All:"Who is shooting?!"

Description IV


Vivi jr.:"Spring allergies, getting to everyone..."

Max:"No, I'm just listening to "Hero", by Chad Kroeger...It puts a tear in your eye..."

Jerails:"Hahaha! Max is crying!"

Max:"...and "What we're all about" by Sum 41 puts a machine-gun in my hand...:)"

Jerails:"...Uh...forget I said that...okay...?"

Max:"Don't count on it..."

:Jerails runs off while Max chases him like how Metabee chases Ikki:

And they say that a hero could save us...
I'm not gonna stand here and wait...
I hold to the wings of an eagle...
Watch as they all fly away...

Descrpition V

Jerails:"Vivi jr.? Is Max dead?"

Vivi jr.:"...I dunno. He's probably still at the anime convention drooling."

Max:"I have returned from the dea-:Coughs out blood pill:..."


Max:"...Anyway, I've been out for a while since my internet wouldn't work, at a convention, idiotic acting summer, and school started. I'm in the 8th grade!"

Vivi jr.:"So am I!"

:Jerails in the background licking the rug:

Max:"Anyway, back to the stories as the new...Otaku Max!!!!!!!!!!"

:Final Fantasy Victory Song: