Miyuki Hamasaki
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Hi peoplez!! ^_^ What's up? Here's a few things about moi!!

REAL Name: Maria Cho (You can spell it 'Jo' though... They changed the laws.. Weird, weird... It's pronounced Jo in Corean though..)
Nationality: Corean
Languages: Corean, English, French and Japanese
B-day: July 4th.. Independence day!! Wheeee!! ^_^;;
Where: Canada!! Whee!!! Less crowded than Corea.. o_o MUCH... (Did ya know that Corea's population is larger than Canada's? Lol, yup you did!)
Age: Oops.. This should have been 2nd on this list, eh? Oh well.. I'm 12!!
Likes: Color Blue, Reading, Lots of sports, Listening to music, Playing on the computer, Writing fanfics and ANIME!! ^_^
Hates: Bugs, Gross stuff (There are many gross gross gross stuff out there in the world), and... my teacher, Mrs. Fredrich! e_e Die you witch!
Wants: A computer in my room, To go to Corea and a bunch of other countries, My grandparents to live with my family, All my relatives in Canada (Which will never happen), And some other crazy things

Here's a list of stories that I have completed;

I'm So Sorry (DIGI)
Like Roses, Life Has Its' Thorns (CCS)
Loving You Softly and Gently (DIGI)
Rainy Day (DIGI)
The Mysterious Girl (I recommend not reading this.. -_-; Boy, was I YOUNG back then! Oh yea, it's a CCS)

Lol! I only have like five stories finished.. *slaps herself* How stupid of me..

Here are a few stories that are on hold;
Heartaches (DIGI)
My Romance Life, My School Life, My LIFE! (DIGI)
Boyz Trouble (DIGI)
Miss You So Much (CCS)
What's Love? (CCS)
Sakura's Diary (CCS)
My Love For You Will Last (CCS)
Drowning in Darkness (DIGI)
So in Love with You (DIGI)
Time To Go Back (DIGI)

Ha-ha-ha.. -_-;; I have so many on hold right now..

And ones that I'm working on right now;
Boyfriend & Girlfriend Business (CCS)
Sincerity (DIGI)
Got To Have You (DIGI)
Hopelessly In Love (DIGI)

Okay, I'm going to go now and work on my ficcies.. Well, bye bye!
P.S. Pretty please read and review my ficcies? Oh yes, and anybody is welcome to add me if they have MSN Messengers -- [email protected] or [email protected] (I recommend this one