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And so goes my promise to update more... *sighs* Extremely sorry, minna-chan... Who knew basketball could pretty much take over your ENTIRE life?!? Aiyah... Anyways, I'm trying to stay planted in front of my computer, and giving you more chapters (I won't even get started on how long it's been taking me to find inspiration...). Also, trying to update FM and LMD. No updates has partly been due to creating my James Marsters/Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) fansite. Be expecting Love's Bitch to come out soon. SHOUT OUT to all my oneechans and fellow author friends I haven't spoken to in the longest time... I MISS YOU!!! *glomps!* MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR minna-chan!! Current Projects Who WILL See the Light of Day Sooner than Others: Forbidden Love - Chapter 8: ?? I haven't forgotten, Usa-oneechan! I actually have a page written... Projects Coming Soon That Have Already Undergone the Writing Process: Love's Bitch - Prologue: You Love To Hate Me Buffy's denial goes too far... pushing Spike off the edge. Against his own heart, he leaves Sunnydale, heading to Juuban in Tokyo, Japan staying with relatives of Tara. There he meets the Third, and suddenly knows what it's like to be loved back... NOTE to ALL Usagi/Heero authors: If you want your story in LMD, please contact me. I am now accepting submissions. HTML only (If that's a problem, please specify in your e-mail). It is not guaranteed that your work(s) will be posted. I will have to read through it, but 90% of the time, your work(s) will be accepted.