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Addicted to a good story. My current obession is Lord of the Rings. During boring college classes and endless days at work, my mind often wanders the forests of Fangorn. And on occassion, I'll walk the road to Bree and have a pint at the Prancing Pony and listen to Merry and Pippin talk of the good old days. :-)

UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES!! FINISHED Forgotten Allies!! Whoo hoo! Now I can go play in Rohan with Eomer. *grin*

Before you see the Original Character down there and cringe
all over in dread of yet *ANOTHER* yucky Mary Sue story.
I wanted to warn you. Yes, I write original female
characters into the story. And oh the horrors, sometimes
they are one of the main characters. And yeah, they
usually fall in love.

Now that I have you all running away in horror. . .
I do believe it's possible to write an excellent LOTRs
fanfic with an original female character. LOTRs had
so few of them in the book, unless I want to play with
Arwen or Eowyn I'm forced into inventing my own. And
I don't have a problem with that.

I know, I know. It's hard to believe. But I assure you the
main plots of my story have nothing to do with romance.
My favorite stories have always been the ones that
combined action and adventure with a bit of romance
on the side. So that's what I try to write. So there! *sticks tongue out*