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NOTE: This site merely hosts my original works. ALL my fiction and nonfiction can be found at my website. My fiction is at Fanfiction.net under the same name and profile number. Just change the "fictionpress.com" in your address bar to "fanfiction.net" and you'll be magically teleported there.


January 5th, 2003

Inspiration has struck, and I've got another season of OVSDHH in the works. Just be prepared for new surprises. And no, I've not forgotten my old series, and Cid's Lab will be completed, but not before the second-to-last part of the Kyoto Liddo-Kun.

December 8th, 2003

I've fixed my new machine. Apparently, Win2K Pro doesn't exactly like large HOSTS files with DNS Caching and DHCP Client turned on, so I disabled them and fixed it... after two weeks of searching and cursing.

I'm currently working on part 7 of the Kyoto Liddo-Kun, and I'm also coloring Kebinu's illustrations for Talon's "Bonds of Time: The Love Hina Fanboy War." If I get enough interest, I may animate a trailer for it in Macromedia Flash... or, if I get enough time, make it as an RPG in RPG Tsukuru 2003 for Windows/WINE.

Yes, I do own a machine running three OSes. Fear.

Red Hat Linux 9.0 is good. Mac OS 8.1 is excellent. Windows 2000 Professional is better than XP by far.

November 19th, 2003

Read above. However, I lost nothing, as the NTFS hard drive is set to mirror to a FAT32 drive every night and I caught it before it could.

I have officially declared war on spyware and adware. To see more, go to the forums on and look for Tuxedo Jack.

And if you ever want your PC analyzed, just post a HijackThis log there. We'll be more than happy to help out.

Works in progress:

Untitled (Love Hina, comedy/romance)
Co-authoring with Andrew Talon on this one. It's a fic centered on Shinobu.

Cid's Laboratory
FF7/Dexter's Lab fusion. ^_^ Long story.

MSMT3K Episode 206
In progress. Slightly delayed, but hey, with an SI/Ranma/Eva crossover, it's _going_ to get done.

MSMT3K Episode 207
A Blainefic! Part 4 of Reunions is nearly completed... well, it was five months ago, but I was too lazy to fix my hard drive.

The Kyoto Liddo-Kun, Part 7
A Kanako/Naru shoujo-ai mystery.

Untitled (FF7/Utena fusion)

Untitled (Utena/Digimon fusion)

Tenchi In Wonderland
Spoofy fun goodness with just a touch of crack.

Untitled (Powerpuff Girls/Mortal Kombat)
You _really_ don't want to know. It's a result of my time on #PTNP.

Personal Details

Real Name: J.R. (Short for Jack Robert. If I hear one "who shot JR?" joke, there's gonna be a revengefic.)

Age: 19... I think. I really can't remember, but I do know I was born in the year of the Mac.

Location: Hades. No, seriously. Houston, Texas = Hades.

Current Occupation: College student at the University of Houston looking for a summer job.

Interests: Programming, writing (no da), MSTing, and goodly amounts (i.e. copious) anime.

Dislikes: Plagiarists, the people who yanked my site, and the FFN admin who wiped my MSTings, and censors. God, I hate censors. Oh, and I can't forget cheaters. (The Mole) I fuggin' _HATE_ cheaters! And guard dogs!

Awards: Just a gold star from Talon for a K/M ending for OVSDHH:ACTSNB and a terrorist rating from the Department of Homeland Security. Oh, that, and I've got the single largest private fanfiction library in the world. No, seriously, I do. It's a gig and a half.

Future: Hopefully, I can manipulate the world's governments into a real-life version of Second Impact. Hell, I've already mapped it out on paper, and all it'd take is one nuke to start the whole thing, thanks to the Smirking Chimp in the White House.

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