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*looks around* Wow... this place is empty...
Drogan: Sure is! *eats sugar*
Um... Drogan is my creation, Raven-san, Shadow-sama and Vega-kun are my muses an-
Raven: *shouting from the back of the room* We aren't your muses!
Drogan: *munches on sugar-stuffs*
Right, they're my muses-to-be and-
Shadow: *plays with the "-" button on her keyboard*
Gah! Oh well... should I do a list? I had a list last time and was told it was to long and stuff... aw, what the heck... we'll do a list thingy:

I love:
Large killer robots of doom (anything with large killer robots of doom)
Fic's with any of the above
Frying Pans

I don't care about:
Fic's without Raven, Shadow, Vega, or Ryou... unless they're by one of my friends... oh, and Quatre!!
If the fic's I read have slash in them
Frying Pans

I hate:
Van (zoids)
Van (zoids)
Van (zoids)
People who like Van (zoids)
Bit (zoids)
When Vega, Raven, or Shadow go OOC or are bashed
Tea/Anzu (yugioh)
Frying Pans

Van: Why do you hate me so much?
Shadow: Raah *eating cookies* My cookies
Ok, I think we're done... we're done right? Are we done? *looks around*
Drogan: We don't write?
Vega: *who has been quiet for the entire time* If you don't write... why do you need muses?
...because... I draw...
Drogan: OH! We also play Neopets under the name Demondragon_lord ^-^
Raven, Shadow, Vega and Van: *look at the empty spot where the button for neopets is supposed to be*...
Drogan: *eating a cake* The button isn't working!
...I know that...
Drogan: *now eating cookies* Merry Christmas!
Shadow: Raah Don't touch my cookies!