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Hi everyone! I'm a 13/14 year old girl, and I live in the midst of Hickville, USA. I have an enormous obsession w/ Harry Potter, POTO (Phantom of the Opera), Moulin Rouge, Les Miserables, and the likes. I am normally a H/Hr shipper for HP, but I will on occasion write George/Hermione or D/Hr. I doubt I will ever write a slash, just cause...I won't. Yeah. I really don't care about ships in my other faves, as long as they're not slash. I primarily write humor stories, or romance. I've also just recently begun writing songfics.I'll normally review under Utter Inzanity. Some bad fics of mine have been posted on chapter 32 of 'And the Torture Commences...' by SilverSerpent. She is an AWESOME writer, amd you've gotta check out her stories!
More about me. Yay. I'm in 7th grade, play the bass clarinet/ contrabass, am a cheerleader and am annoying as hell. I adore Spongebob, Ed Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and other really hyper stuff. Like me! Yay! I have four muses: My buddy Kristin, my rubber ducky Wings, Smoky the penguin and Harry Potter. I practically live on AOL and Netscape. I have the strangest quotes, and have the tendency to yell out the names of foods in the middle of a conversation. Yeah. I sing, act, play piano, waste time on homework, write, read and other junk. Yeah... so.
My stories. *shudders* I guess I write ok. I have written probably over 50 stories, but have not published any yet here. I write MSTs, Hogwarts Musicals, and other stuff. I adore reviews, but try not to flame me too badly if you don't like my stories. wouldn't let me register for a while, but I'm finally here! *everyone runs away, screaming in terror* Oh boy.
IM me or email me all ya want. I'm glad to talk! (Unless, of course, you're Connor Canaday, in which I will kill you at school cuz you stepped on my foot! OW!) Anyway, I'm not that nuts. I'll try to update as often as I can. I adore you all! Well...almost all. Yeahh... I'm writing a murder mystery now. It's a psychological thriller that takes you deep into the dark, demonic crevices of the wizard mind...and the killer really is- oh, I can't tell you that. It'll be up soon, don't worry.
My Special Quotes: You, ma'am, are bald. Stop being so dumb: even I'm smarter than that! Power to the mentally challenged! Er. are you dissing Harry Potter in front of me?! Yada. Kristin, you cannot cut cake! Just...go.
I have read Les Miserables and have seen the musical. POWER TO THE SEXY MICHAEL MAGUIRE AND MICHAEL BALL! (oh yeah! And Tanner Hudson =) )
He knows now. Waah. I'm sad. I think. No I'm not. Ok then.
OK. Now then.
Hi Darby!!!
Anyway. I won't br sble to update for a while cuz I have a lot to do. If you like my stories and want a chapter IMMEDIATELY, give me your e-mail address, or just plain e-mail me, and asap, I'll email it toys, kay?
I lurve you all!!!