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Okay, okay! I thought it would be a good idea to say, that as of right now, I'm back! *scatter applauses* Classes has been really a pain-in-the-ass for me every since this spring. I have taken three semester work of classes and about ready to explode. All for the finer life of education. *GRINS* Anywhoo, I got some emails during the time asking me when I'm going to update so and so fic. I will.. eventually (ugh that dreaded word) but first I have to reread what I wrote.. *nervous laughter* I kinda lost track. But no worries... I have some chapters completed of half the fics I got up. ^_^

Anywhoo, started on a couple of new projects, then got really lazy and opt not to write. Not because of reviews or anything...just being lazy. *coughs*

Current Obessed Anime: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Fruits Basket, Excel Saga, His and Her Circumstances

Current Obessed Manga: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Fruits Basket, Black Cat, Naruto, Hikaru no Go, Angel Sanctuary, Dragon Knights, Real Bout High School

Current Fav. Bisheoun(s): Orphen, Kyou, Shigure, Sanosuke, Aoshi, Setsuna, Kazuma

Couples that I just adore and want to huggle:




Usagi/ anyone of the bishies from Fruitbasket, FY or any FF-games.

Kazuma/Tsubasa - They are just tooooo cute together!



Sora/Riku - The signs are all there! One of my fav. KH coupling. (besides the one down below)

Aerith/Cloud/Squall- ^_^

My muses are Kenshin (RK)*blows a kiss at him* He's my sanity muse! Sanosuke (RK), my ecchi muse! *winks at him* Hiiro (GW) (or Hii-chan, that's what I like to call him) my humor muse! I know.. pretty silly that he's my humor muse ne? Setsuna (AS) my angst muse *glomps*.

Hiiro: Omae O Korosu!


Kenshin: Ivory-dono..can we go now?

Sanosuke: How about you and me go somewhere a little more private, Ivory?

jump kicks him*

Sanosuke: *@[email protected]* Oi, onna..I was only joking!

Hiiro: *snickers*

Kenshin: *smiles*

Setsuna: *shakes head* Why did I have to be put in this insanity...when the one I'm already in is enough.

Ivory: Mou, Na-chan... at least in this one you don't have to be worry about anyone condemning you..ano except for Hii-chan.

Hiiro pops up *

Ivory: Saa, speak of the devil.

Setsuna: * smirks * I know Lucifer..demo his otooto Micheal has the short-man complex.

Ivory: *sweatdrops*

AHH..I'm bored!! As you can tell! ^ ^

Most of my fic will be Usagi-centered. Basically because she's my favorite SM Character. *shrugs*

I love reading alternative couplings..for some odd reason. *nods* I just do..