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I am always really pepped up on either caffiene or alchohol (Shame on me, I'm only 13) so all my stories are controlled by coke or Guinness (Hey, I'm British) hence them being REALLY REALLY HYPER! And if they're not hyper, they're scathing or really really dramatised. (Is that even a word?)

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Yup. You guessed. I'M FROM ENGLAND!

Current Stories are:

Of Men, Madness and Mousetraps - Incomplete
A Tale Of Snape and Frozen Hell - Incomplete
The Side Effects of Avada Kedavra - Complete (?)
Professor Potter's Guide to Drinking - Complete
Life, Freedom and Hope - Complete
The Past Gone By - Complete
Quirrell: Actions of Enslavery, Horror and Fear - Complete
Sorceror's Stone Bloopers - Incomplete (?)
Truth Or Dare - Incomplete
Online Chatroom Insanity - Incomplete.
When Snape's Life Took A Turn For The Worst - Incomplete
True Love Put To The Test - Incomplete
Ask Anyone Ya Want - Incomplete

I congratulate you if you bothered to read all of this crap on my bio; you obviously have nothing better to do. If this is the case, my advice is 'Get A Hobby!'

If you find it quicker/ easier, mail complaints, comments, and 'stuff' to The Werewolf. Me a Schizophrenic - I have a split personality. Spunkz is my one side, The Werewolf is my other.

Spunkz - [email protected]

The Werewolf - [email protected]

Many thanks, and excuse the mental battle of the two sides going on in my brain. *pokes brain* Stoppit, brain, or I will poke you with another Q-tip!

Important Notice!* may take ONLINE CHATROOM INSANITY off as they are no longer accepting chatroom fics. I advise you to keep a copy of it downloaded as backup. If the worst shows itself, I would be happy if you could email me sites at which I could re-post the story.

NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS! ONLINE CHATROOM INSANITY DOES HAVE A PLOT, IF AN OBSCURE ONE, BUT I SPEND A GOOD AMOUNT OF MY TIME THINKING HOW TO FIT IT ALL TOGETHER AS A JIGSAW! If it is any contemplation/ apology to those with more valid plots, I will read as much of their work as possible. Please refrain from removing this, my most successful story.

~Spunkz~ (the wacked out Spaz)

Life, Freedom and Hope reviews
What Sirius may think in Azkaban. WARNING --> Siriusly depressing!!!
Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 130 - Reviews: 5 - Published: 5/13/2002