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Greetings Earthlings...

READ MY LIVEJOURNAL = http://nervous_/ .

...So, you have come to my Bio, eh? Now, about me, letsee...

NAME: Usually known as Nervous, or Neuron, Nerd, Weirdo and sometimes Idiot or Moron (thought I cannot be a moron as i am not an adult as yet) but if you want to call me something earthly, Sari will do.

What others think of me: "You're weird, but I like talking to you"
"A cool geek!"
"sooo cute"

AGE: Simply 20

LOCATION, LOCATION: State of Victoria, in Australia (the place where the convicts live down under)

SCHOOLING: I am in my second year of bachelor of behavioural neuroscience at Monash University.

SCIENCE That's one thing I love. I love the Psychology, the brain is one freaky thing. Bio is great aswell. Neuroscience is what I live for. People tell me I don't have a life. I tell them neurons are my life. My favourite part of the brain is the AMYGDALA

MAGYAR: That, is Hungarian. That is the native language of my parents, and my first language.

INTERNET: I love my internet. I spend most of my 'net time on , where my username is nervous_neuron. I also spend some time on , where my username is Shinkei. I love pets sites, though I am playing them less religiously then I used to. I am puppetwomon on Neopets, and Paradoxigal on Subeta. I also love fictionpress, and I prefer reading stories than writting them. I don't claim to be the most talented author around, but I am trying to improve as best as I can. My ideas are pretty weird, I am told.

FANFICTIONINGS: This is something I hope will improve with practice. My writting don't flow, and its full of spelling mistakes. It's something I love doing, and whoes creul idea was it to make me such an un-talent!?! But, atleast I can read. Reviewing is my life. Well, maybe just 20 of it.

FAVE'S LIST: This is genuine. I only put fics I loveed on it, not every single one I read. I also do not put the fics that I think are the most gramatically perfect, that would make me a hypocrite. I read quiet a lot of fiction, so my faves list is representative of this.

RELIGION: A fun topic to debate. Well, what am I? Well, I believe in a lot of things. I call myself the "Christian humanist karma person" Well, I think I am agnostic...I do not know if there is God or not, and we will never know. But thats another story. He didn't come to make the world perfect, but he made some people's world better. "Treat your neighbours as you wish to be treated" was the message. Well, thats also a bit of Karma. What goes around, comes around. That's from Buhddism ^.^ It's like Newton's law: "For every reaction, there is an oposite and equal reaction". This law may only apply to me, so don't go emailing me about "I was nice all my life, but it SUCKS! I want a refund!". And I believe no faith is better for the World as a whole, but its different for each person. Christianity may be best for me, and Wicca for you. Edit Lol, I found a religion that matches those beliefs I wrote above! Wouldn't you know! It's called Unitarian Universalist. Though I am baptised a Catholic, that belief system matches mine. Nothing like finding a religion after you know what you believe :P Read more about it here: http:///u-u1.htm

LIFE: Thats one thing I love, and yes, death is a part of life, if that makes any sense. Environmental care is the way to go. (BIG example of Karma!) Each cell has the right to live, and no I am not a vegetarian. Maybe neurons have more rights, but... bothered to read all that!?! Or, you may have skipped to the bottom. I am open to emails, no matter how silly they may seem. Go to my webbie, do what ever. And, I don't mind a good debate. J'ne

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