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Thank you to everyone who has and who will someday read my stories. Although I have been inactive for sometime I have a novel in the making that I will surly post soon enough once I have completed most of it.
June 20th, 2007 It has recently come to my attention that a certain person by the name of Avalon's Guardian happens to be a coward and acts like a little child. It is so sad for her because I would have been a good friend had she just swallowed her pride and had made nice, but no, she had to take the craven's way out by trying to block me and by changing her account name and so on and so forth. Honestly, I think it's quite hilarious, the way she wriggles before my attempts at trying to rekindle our friendship. Her pride is her downfall for this whole situation, which has lasted almost two years, probably almost to the date, has simply proven to me that she is weak. That she cannot confront me shows that her character is yellow bellied and sheltered. Had she not played name games with me, I might have still considered that her parents were keeping her from contacting me and although I loved her family as though they were my own, I am disappointed that even though my mother and I both apologized profusely, they have yet to budge and come forth. Our friendship ended for a stupid reason and I suppose that Diana refuses to recognize that it was a stupid reason or perhaps we would still be friends basking in our imaginations. It is regrettable, for I still care for the girl and wish her well, but she has evolved into a creature that cares only for fueling her own pride by never admitting that this whole thing was partly her fault.

I would play name games too, if I had less decency in my blood, for to punish the self-righteous would be sweet and satisfying. But I shall refrain from such childish behavior for I have grown into a person who can move on from the past and turn the other cheek when struck.

Thank you Diana, for being my muse for three years and for being my friend when I was lonely. As you can well imagine, you will not be forgotten.

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