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Happy Holidays~! ^^
Alright, here's the deal - I'm sorry that I haven't been updating anything for quite a long time, now, I've just been so occupied but that's still not a good excuse. I've recently been away for the holidays but now I'm back with new stuff for you all!! ^^; I didn't have a compy but, I did manage to write the old fashion way - paper'n'pen. Here are the ones you can expect to seem from this month:


You Can't Escape My Love
Prince You Charmed //: My first Ruki+Ryo? Or Ruki+Takato??
Cadet Tachikawa Mimi...
Prince Charming Herself //: A new crossover I've been working on that uber new ^^;

I might have forgotten one...But that's it so far. I'll try to cover more as I brainstorm but I hope that satisfies you all. I do have, actually, certain stories that I've gotten half the chapter done but I'm just kinda *stuck* on it. But we'll see how it goes...

http://fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=192623 .Tenshi Tsubasa.


Eyes That Drown: Sequel to Rainy Days. More couples in store including the forgotten triangle of Yamato/Mimi/Michael.
A Lover's Tale: Plot in the works. Possibly Mimato, big surprise! Somewhat fairy tale type of fic but NOT completely AU.

Out Of Sight: Medieval meets modern Tokyo. My Trilogy/Sequel focusing on our loveable blondie, Yamato! ^^ Special appearances of Mayumi, Taichi, and Myotismon, and, Mimi, of course!
She: Not much explanation yet, possibly a crossover of some sort. Couples either; Kouzumi, Mimato, or somethen NEW!

Most stories and plots are copyrighted to me. If you would like to write a plot quite similar to mine, I would be delighted if you talk to me about it first. Arigatou~!

-Tachikawa IVIimi 1/6/03

Cleo,Not Cinderella,Just Cleo reviews
Unwanted - is how Princess Cleo feels being surrounded by her wonderful, beautiful, perfect family. Love - Like the tale of Cinderella, to Cleo is foolish and unreal, that is, until Caleb comes along..
Fiction: Fable - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,758 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 1/6/2003 - Published: 4/29/2002