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7/11/02: I may regret this, but what the hell. I'm available on MSN Messenger, and screenname is 'Ok, one more time. You go on the paper, you don't eat it. Ya got the concept?'

Ok, this is what happens when you go out with your mates to a rock festival and get bored in-between acts. The List for Life is the laughable result of said state of boredom. The rest is on my website, The Nightraider's Domain.

(I'm allowed to take the piss out of Northern Ireland and Scotland. I'm part Scottish, and was born and raised in Belfast.)

We do not speak of the 1980s in polite conversation.
* Never pierce anything below the waistline.
* Only sing kareoke when pissed
* Always get the guy's name and number.
* Never try to understand cricket.
* All intelligent life LEAVES Northern Ireland around July 12th.
* Never water bonsai plants.
* A little blood in water perks up carnivorous plants no end.
* Will Young is gay. Get used to it.
* There's a reason Scotsmen don't wear anything under their kilts.
* Don't ever believe hamsters are nocturnal.
* The 'place where the sun don't shine' is scientifically proven to be Portrush.

Crude, but the ones we came up with on the site were worse.

Provided you haven't run away screaming, details about moi...

My real name's Hannah, I'm 19 years old, and first year Journalism student.

Loves: Writing,
Reading (Just about anything),
My insane best mates,
South Park,
Dragonball Z,
Gundam Wing,
Disney movies (Hercules and Lion King),
Harry Potter,
Red Dwarf,
Sonic the Hedgehog,
Muse Torture,
Video games (any kind except WW2 simulations),
Heath Ledger,
Mel Gibson movies,
Sean Connery (Respect is due),
Stand up comedy,
Patrick Kielty (Fabby Belfast comedian),
The Rocky Horror Show,
Getting into trouble,
Getting out of trouble.

Hates: Early morning fire drills,
Brussels sprouts,
Girls who wear skirts about half an inch long,
Getting caught getting into trouble.

Please read and review my stuff. Flames will be used to cook my pizzas and torture my muses...I can edit this, right?