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Hmm...without asking for Jeanie's permission I'm changing this "Bio" lol. We're collaberating on this fics *yay* and omg it's COOOL!!!
as of now we have like 60 chapters, and we wont be surprised if it has about 15 more. We're really trying to get it to end cool, but Ama being the cheesemaster, Jeanie might have some difficulties getting it all cool *grin from ama* I mean. She has to do the cool stuff. Ama'll handle the cheese..

We lurve reviews! They make our day! As of now we have over 250 reviews...WOOHOOO!! that's really kewl!

okay, here's who we are:

Jeanie: I'm 18 years old. Apart from BSB I love music like; Nightwish, Switchblade Symphony, Metallica and a bunch more..

AJ is totally HOT, I can't help but droole whenever i see a pic of that man!
I ADORE Howie's hands, argh! They're so gorgeous! I've even named them!
So, from my last statement there I guess the fact that I'm a nut case is obvious...I am! I ain't afraid to show it either.
I *like* school, omg! a nut right there, but sometimes it gets on my nerves.
If ya like our stuff I've got another profile on ; 'ktbspa' I'm workin on sum cool slash stories right now so I have my upcoming summer holiday all planned out *grin*
Well, gotta get back to my slash fic, just thought I'd stop by and write some on my profile to have a lil break...grrr KTBSPA!! AMA