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Ha ha!~ I am much closer to completing my costume ^-^ I have written more of Mistaken, but I won'tpost it. The prologue is up only for support in a sense... I found a better name for Darkness Kills because I didn't like Desolate Tears. I will rename it Vagabond Herz (hearts). I am also working on a compound story with two of my friends, which I won't get into at the moment >.>|||

Story Status:

current status is, working. writing around pg. 191 Halfway done! Woo
I finally cleared enough things out of the way to write more of the story...though I only wrote about 2 pages >. Sorry. I've been searching around and doing research about animals and their characteristics for the clans. I wish my co-author was here to help me out... *mutters about military school*

All's fair in love and...MILITARY SCHOOL?!?!?!!!! :
A new story I'll be working on. It's only in the planning stages currently. But the inspiration is from things that have happened in my life, so it's closely related to me. I have a friend in military school, and he's like a brother to me...I miss him p.q So I decided to write a story about a girl who dresses as a guy to go to the same military school as her friend. (Sounds like Hana- Kimi doesn't it? But it's a lot different ^^) Wish me luck~

Vagabond Herz:
On hiatus until Mistaken is completed. Will be rewriting completely, some characters from the original will not be there. Such as those guardian angel thingies...Why they were in there I don't know...Seriously, I don't know.

Precious Nights:
Also on hiatus. This story has been modified quite a bit, and I need more ideas on the electronics in the story. Will figure it out once I get to it.

Siren of Lone Wolves:
status...secret. Comments on story...can't see. You will all see later ^-^ But this story doesn't belong to just me. This is the joint project I spoke about.

The other stories:
On a loooooonnnnnngggggg hiatus. I am thinking of abandoning State of Dreams. I just can't seem to get it to work out. Will figure it out later.Nightstalker (due for renaming) has been getting new ideas, and I've only seen a few who really had an interest for this story. I'll have to work on it later... Gentle Light in the Dark...title is alright, I can work with it, story needs development, and more of a plot... J├Ąger des Mondes...also needs more of a plot. Besides that, it's alright, and I can certainly work with something along those lines. I love the title ^-^

Other information about my current status:
Well...besides the costume making, I'm usually busy with other matters. Such as Human Anatomy. I need to study for that class very muchly so. Also I have so many other things that occupy my free time. I have one story that isn't mine, that I've been asked to edit and type.
Yes, I know my website currently sucks, but give me a break. I am busy and html isn't my strong suit. I will work with it when I have the time and possibly get the music to run properly. If the layout itself doesn't work the way I want it to, I will change it sometime soon.

As you all should know, I'm also an anime fan, and I have to watch some anime before I go totally insane~ (considering I'm already insane and psycho enough as it is) So I do watch Anime in my spare time too. I'm sure you all do the same...

To Krause: Cuz I know you'll be reading this profile at one point!!!! Do keep me updated on my bro, and...well just keep me posted. Help me drag him to prom XD

Everyone else: Feel free to read what I have here already, but don't be too surprised when it changes one day and the story is completely different from what you remember. Many of the stories on here are pending for rewriting/renaming or a complete change in plot. You can review if you wish.

Besides that, I have nothing more to say except to thank all of you for your support and help. Thanks. I really enjoy knowing that others enjoy the stories, and small details about what could be better is much appreciated. It helps to improve my stories. Do remember I'm still a high schooler and at times I can be lazy, so when sometimes reviews I feel inspired to actually get the story going faster than it already is.

Hopefully I will get Mistaken completed soon ^-^ I am almost halfway done. I think...Yeah. wish me luck, and thanks again for your support!!!~

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