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Thank you for visiting my little chrestomathy here on the web. Most of its junk, I will agree, but you must read Defeating Darkness, All the Stars Die, and Carvings even if you don't read anything else. These are the pieces I am most proud of.

I am eighteen and I have graduated as Valedictorian of my class! Even though I can't spell it! Scary!! I mostly draw, but everyonce in awhile I have this sudden desire to write. I love to read, and I must confess, I am a bardolater. I also love Madaline L'Engle, Harry Potter, and Russian Novels (Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina). I am also a huge anime fan, and you will definately see a lot of these things inspiring my work.

This little spot on this site is going to be where I write all the ideas for the stories I have and show the progress of stories I am writing or have written.

1. Defeating Darkness: Already completely writen, though it must be typed, and then redone. What is up is only the second draft, so be kind. (I did try and spell check it and grammar check it and all, but there will be a bit of... mess ups sometimes.) Right now I have ideas for a whole "Darkness Chronicles" so I am pretty excited. Chapter 19 is up, and go http:///loth/v/i/viodollar/hermes.jpg.html here to see a pic of everyone's favorite character... HERMES!! If you want to read more of it, go there and surf to my Elfwood library site. It has more chapters.
2. Defeating Darkness Sequal: I have begun to write this and I have five chapters written. It's going to be great but I can't say anything about it cuz I will give stuff away from the first book!! (and ya wouldn't want to me spoil it!!)
3. Two Defeating Darkness stories that take place long before Mya was even chosen. One about her and Jeramy's parents, and the other about the whole mirror girl. (If ya've read, you know what I mean about the 'mirror girl.') These are in the planning stages, but will be in the written stages as soon as I get a speckeled notebook...
4. All the Stars Die: Completed! Reviews would be appreciated!
5. Carvings: Completed, though it needs a revision. I might do that later... Reviews!!
6. Whats in the Forest: I have given up, though if I get some imspiration I might finish it. I kinda liked it.
7. How Demons Torture: Completed! Reviews are nice... Constructive stuff is better...
8. Just Another Magic Story: I have given up, though I do have a couple more chapters written than I have typed up...
9. Assorted Poetry: Just read. I've gotten better (read from bottom to top to get them in chronilogical order.) Review if you feel compelled...

Please review, it makes me feel so loved, and it inspires me to write more. I don't like flames, but I do love constructive criticism. If you want me to reveiw some of your stuff, give me some constructive criticism on at least two or three things. I don't like reviews that say "Nice, now go to my site." In fact it sorta makes me mad. If you do review chances are I will go to your site and read your stuff even if you don't ask me.

I hope you like what I write... and if you dont... well... *sniffs* i dont really care... *sniffs*

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