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Guten Tag!!!! Sharpsnouts the name. How are all of ya? Well I've shortened my bio considerbly. And I'm hopin just ta use this as a preview and update reminder thingy. danke *bows* 01/30/03
So now I've updated the war not to mention I changed the title, there where just 2 many "the war" fics, specially in Harry Potter, but I did update it, I also updated Pair of halfbreeds, and Phantom Hawk Gundam.
Now I'd like 2 welcome Meremew 2 welcome mein fuirend!!!!! Welcome. Anywho enjoy the new posties ppl!!!! *bows* danke 01/19/03
OKIE I've been busy. I've added new chapters 2 "The war" "Pair of Half-breeds" and "Full moon" Enjoy them Also I've added a new story. Its called Reflections of a Cresent Moon.
Its about Ashi a 10 yr. old half Fox demon who lost his mother when he was young his father took a jewel which belonged to Ashi's mother and hid it away. The jewel can make Ashi human when its reflected off the Cresent Moon. On his search for his brother *cough* Shippo *cough* and father Ashi meets a young women who invites him to stay with her. The young women has a mysterous past of her own the only problem is she cant remember it any of it. So enjoy it. THanks alot later ppl!!!! 01/10/03
Guten Tag dudes!!! Though this is a tad late happy new year. How was everyones? Mine was good went over to a friends house with 2 other friends and even though we brought enough movies to last 5 "lets stay up all nighters" we only got through one. An Anime called "Ceres" (there's more to the title but I cant remember it) we watched the whole sereies starting at 8:00 PM till 5:00 AM stopping for a few seconds to watch the Ball in Times Square drop. It was great and I thank Yume for brining it. Anywho, I have updated some stuff though it was a while ago. I FIXED Little Brother Lost, I thought Yume was gonna kill me cause I messed up when I posted up, she had helped me with a chapter and I accedently put up the wrong chapter. So Sooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy Yume!!!!!1 Anywho thats about it I'll update stuff as soon as it becomes avalible and PLEASE SOMEONE REVIEW 4 EINSTIEN THE LAST REVIEW I HAVE IS THAT "FLAMES?????????" THING. *bows* danke everyone
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