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Hello! My name is Dorothy..aka Mysticalsoul and.. er.. yeah.

I love slash, I Harry and Draco are my favorite pairing and I love them to bits because they are so snarky and lovely and they deserve to be with eachother because.. um. Yeah.

I love to write, it takes me away from reality sometimes. I find it fun and a lesson for real life, a way to express yourself. My current fandom is Harry Potter -- and my current ship in that is Harry/Draco. I like the whole Enemy/Enemy thing :).

Other pairings I like in that fandom are scarce. I like Ron/Harry (but all of these pairings will never compete against my fondness for Draco/Harry), Ron/Draco (even if I haven't read that much), Sirius/Harry and Remus/Harry. Yes, I do like Het. I like Ron/Hermione (Such a sweet pairing, plus it'll be in canon most probably), Pansy/Draco (ironic, isn't it? But yes, I believe it *can* be romantic mixed with angst, of course, cause we all know Harry loves Draco and vice versa ;) ), Hermione/Draco (Yes yes), and Ginny/Draco (LOL ^_^).


Please review my fics and I will love you forever. Thankyou!

IM me anytime on AIM (Not on Yahoo, it kills the messenger).

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