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Hello everybody, I'm Emily, I 'm 13 and welcome to my insane Bio.

New Absolutely Stupid Things going on in My Life Right Now That Nobody Really Wants to Hear About~

1) My friend Kiah (Tuilindo) and I are working on a novel in poems. It's kinda angsty, but hey, angst sells. If you like a sample of our writing, send a self adressed envelope to us containing fifty dollars and we'd be happy to send you a poem or two...

2) I hate living in Nebraska.For about six months it's like living in the friggen North Pole. I'm just no the kind of person who looks good as a popsicle. Plus, there's nothing to do. It's boring to look out my window because it too cold for the skateborder guys across the street to be out. Poo.

3) Brian is an Oompa Loompa. Yeah, that's right! I said it!

4)did you know Tom Felton is in Missouri. Kiah and my other friend Allie are about ready to hitch a ride to Missouri to find him and stalk him. Run, Tom, Run!

5)Took the 8th graders placement test. Had pizza. Bought a hamster. Hamster bit me. 3 times. Have to take hamster back to pet store. Sue pet store for damages. Buy ferret next time instead of hamster. That sums up my weekend and my next weekend.

Fic Status:


1) Sleeping in a bed of Lies. I know just how it's going to end, I just need to write it out.

2)The Phrophesy of the Fire. This is going to be a long one. I'll try and post at least once a week to keep it going and I try to make the chapters pretty long.

3)Secrets of the Serpent- Well...I haven't updated in forever, so I'm not sure what to do with this one.

4) The Draco Malfoy Show. Still working on it. Need a good idea.

5)The Rules of Being a Slytherin. Still working on it. Just got a grand idea of what to put in it, so wait for the next chapter.

Finished Fics~

1)Does My Breath Smell?

2)Second Choice.


Stories Standing on their Last Leg~

1)The Staff, although I will try and work on it.

2)Reunion. Ditto.