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Hello, to all who have come here!! My name is...Ya, not gonna tell ya! Get over it! If the story you are reading is more than two or three years old, I will not, in all likelyhood, be updateing or writing a sequal! Don't like it? Tough. Also, if you do not like what I write, it's a free country, you are, under no circumstances obligated to read or enjoy it and you can at anytime, press the back button to escape it. I do not want to hear about how I am, in your opinion, the worst person to ever put pen to paper (or letter key's to word pad as it were _) You are intitled to your opinion of how god aweful you think I am, I simply don't give a rats ass. Live with it. Any flames will be publicly posted so everyone can laugh at your stupid ass. Don't like it? Then don't flame. Still don't like it? Tough. I'm not here to please you. Don't like that? Still tough. World doesn't revolve around you. Suck it up bitch. XD

I love all things that are weird and strange. My friends have always been the rebels and outcasts of the world and I love them to death. Also, please please please, for the love of all things good and holy DO NOT message me saying you think I sound hot and want to hook up or some lame ass shit. You people who pull that shit have no tact and are losers. And ME saying that YOU'RE a loser...well, it's pretty sad. Me and most of my friends are considered "losers" so me telling you that...well...takes you to a whole new level of PATHETIC.

My stories are random and sometimes crazy, like my thoughts. Don't like it? Well...

People in the background: We know, We know. Tough.

Me:...-blink blink- No...I was gonna say go sit on a spike. LMAO No seriously. I'm not here to please you. If you don't like me...here's a thought...I DON'T GIVE A FLYING SHIT! YOU CAN EAT THE CORN OUT OF MY CRAP! Peace and love ya'll.

Nikki: Isn't it a little silly to put peace and love after all you just said?

Me: No. I can still hope for peace and love. I just don't have to give a flying runny crap about those who don't like me. XP

Nikki: -.-..You're special...

Me: TO THE BAT-MOBILE ROBIN!! -ties towl around neck and runs out the door.-

Nikki: I thought your cars name was Kurama?!

Me: -THUNK- ouw...wall...

And to those who read my fortuna story, heres the link for it! /bunnymommy16/fourtuna.html

I also have a fanfiction.net account under the same name which i update more than this one. I am under the same name. Also alot of the stories on their are VERY old.

On another note, I noticed ALOT of people have been favoriting me and I want to say thank you. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

p.s. My cars name IS Kurama, for it is red.


I am also FURIOUS to learn that people have been posting my stories on other sights under their own accounts. This pisses me off to no end. I will say this once and only one, YOU DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, HAVE PERMISSION TO POST MY STORIES UNDER ANY OTHER ACCOUNT OR ON ANYOTHER SITE! I do NOT need help 'advertising myself and/or my stories'. I understand that some people think this is showing some kind of homage to my work and I wish to dissuade you of this notion because you are not. It is not a compliment to me, it is an insult. I posted my stories on and only because I wanted to and it cuts back on people copywriting me, though apparently not enough. I also had to forbid people from translating my work and posting it on other sites because they would not give me credit for my work. Also, if you do find that someone has posted my work on another sight please report it or let me know. Or both if you wish.

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Death's Bride reviews
*SEQUEL TO BETROTHED TO DEATH* It has been three hundred years since the end of Betrothed to Death and Orcus passes his title to one of his children. Said child must learn the ways of the Grim Reaper, strength, mercy and kindness. But Orcus cannot teach them these lessons, something's, they must learn themselves and there is of course, an heir that needs to be born.
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"Poor little child," he crooned. His voice was like honey and butter, deep and soothing. "Pitiful one, sentenced to die before you have truly begun to live." He walked closer to me, almost gliding so great was the grace of his stride, and stopped at the side of my bed. "I can end your pain,"
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He left me, and took with him the last childish part of me that still believed in all those Fairy Tales. After all, the Hero isn't suppose to die.
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Upon her birth Princess Amor is given a heavy burden. It is her marriage that will at last bring together the waring galaxies. But She will also face a terrible destiny as well. Lesbians. Don't like, don't read. Full Summary inside.Ch. 10 redone,reposted.
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