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About Me
My stories are my own ideas. I feel very special because I can think of them all by myself! XD Ok, anyways... ;; I guess I should tell you a bit about me, right? sighs Well, I dun really feel like doing that but if you insist... I enjoy anime, different ones but I dun feel like posting them all at the moment... " I like reading, writing (Obviously), drawing, sketching or just artwork in general. " Yes, I am an avid artist and I like to work with pointalism more than others, though paint is another of my favroite mediums. I'm also very proud of being a floutist... . (I play the flute. .)

Random Likes
Books: Lord of the Rings - all three; The Hobbit; Abhorsen Series; All Harry Potter books; Anything by Tamora Peirce; basically anything fantasy. .
Movies: Labrynth, The Dark Crystal, LOTR, Harry Potter, Interview With a Vampire, Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and random others
Music: Linkin Park, Evanescence,most japanese music, random songs...
Anime/Manga: Weiß Kreuz, Inuyasha, Trigun, Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, Yu-gi-oh, some other's I can't think of at the moment

As for my current stories/poems they'll all be listed just down here... . Along with all my new ideas. Please, if I have a new idea up here it's for you to get a before-hand glance at one of my new stories. Don't take them and say they're your own, it's just not nice. Oh ya! There are my recommended stories, not all will be under my favroites, and not all of my favroites will be there either.. ; But those are definitely worth a look! .

Current Stories
The Dark Dragon - Italyn's lost everything and has to set out on her own, her only remaining posession; her horse. She meets a dragon and rider then is whisked away for a chance at getting her own dragon! But what happens when a legendary black dragon hatches; they are said to be evil. Chapter 3 uploaded
Gurdian - Keeper of the Gem - Three High School students get caught up in a new world with very little ideas on what they are suposed to do, other than save it from utter disaster! On Hold
Untitled - (Yes, that's the real name) A mysterious book, labled 'untitled' has been found by a young girl. Strange things start happening; people start showing up and she finds that she has different 'powers'. What's a girl to do? Chapter 7 uploaded

Current Poems
Alone - A very sad, depressing poem that I wrote a few years ago. It stands as my favroite poem as of yet even with the depressing sound.
Moving On - One I wrote last year. It's about getting on with your life and not letting things of the past hold you back.
Why? - Wow.. another with a slightly depressing feel. I have no idea what's up with my poems but ya, this one is basically what some of my friends made me feel. Imagination - A poem that I wrote that doesn't have a dark feel to it. . I feel very proud. But anyways, this is the way I look at imagination; quite interesting I think.
Let Down - Another dark poem. How I feel after being let down by a friend...
My Friend - My first poem that has something to deal with fantasy! It's basically a girl describing her friend, though it's probably not what you think. .
Snapped - Ah, to be insane... Yup, this is the result of me snapping. Don't mind the wierdness of it, this is just the result of keeping your feelings in for too long.
My Abyss - We all have our problems at certain points in our lives. I'm having many problems at the moment and this is just an expression of one of the many problems going on in my life currently.
A World Without You - This is what my world would be like if my wonderful boyfriend wasn't there for me.
One More Chance - Another boyfriend inspired poem. The feelings of joy when another chance is given when you think you've lost someone forever.

Recommended Stories
Black Unicorn-Scary Miss Mary
Unexpected Royalty - Belle of the Ball
The Wizard's Sword - Xaviara

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Not one of my usual 'dark' like poems. I got boerd and came out with this, basically what I see imagination as.
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The result of feeling rejected by my friends in a class; slightly unhappy feeling to it.
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