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A few things about me:

Favorite books: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Flies.

Favorite Music: Enya, Selena, the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings soundtracks and more.

Hobbies: reading and writing fan fiction

a note about my stories:

i appreciate reviews greatly, though that is not the sole reason why i write. i write for pure enjoyment and have been writing fan fiction LONG before i ever found out about this site. in fact, i am fairly new to fanfiction.net, only registiring at the beginning of last year. i love to write hurt/comfort stories--and especially have my characters being hurt or sick. also i do NOT read OR write any slash-fics or anything with heavy sexual content. i also try to keep foul language to the bare minimum, but i DO use that type of language in some stories. as such, many of my fics are rated from G-PG-13. and please remember that when you review, NO FLAMES. constructive criticism is allowed, though. Happy reading!


p.s. muses and ramblings at:


feel free to leave any comments there!