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Hey, all, A Lover Lost here, bombarding you with personal information. Who cares, really? Probably not you, so you'll stop reading this right about now. Buuut I'll keep on going, simply because I have trouble with the concept of shutting up. So here's a list thingy:

Name: A Lover Lost
Nickname: Baz (the spaz)
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Physical Description: Why the hell do you care? Creeper! ;)
Favorite Bands/Singers: Kamelot, Nickelback, Matchbox 20, Eve 6, Evanescence, Seether, Linkin Park, Savage Garden, Jason Mraz, Enya, I could go on forever, I really could...
Favorite color: Red
Fav. food: Anything chocolate.
Fav. Actor/Actress: Orlando Bloom (if only mostly for his looks.), Sean Bean (Beanie!), Viggo Mortensen, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt (are we seeing a trend here? Yeah. If we aren't, we aren't seeing very many movies.)
Fav. Movies: Lord of the Rings; Pirates of the Caribbean; The Princess Bride; Any Disney movie; Equilibrium; and a bunch of others I can't think of right now..
Fav. Books: Chronicles of the Cheysuli; Lady of the Glen; Sword Dancer series; I, Lucifer; The Fallen; The Lord of the Rings; many others..
Fav. Authors: Jennifer Roberson, Tolkien (he's a freakin genius)
Fav. School Subject: Creative Writing ^^
Worst School Subject: None, really, but I dislike work...
Likes: Drawing, reading, writing, poetry, writing poetry, friends, guys, movies, music, manga, yaoi (^^), internet, talking online, role playing, anything that's fun.
Dislikes: Bugs, pain, my mother, slimy things, poisonous things, stupid people, stupid-er than average guys, cheerleaders (the snotty kind), mean people.

And that's all I can think of right now. ^^ Read my stuff, don't hate me if it sucks!
((Last note: Yes, I’ll own up. My other pen name is Slave of Socks. The shame! Read my stuff there too, wot!))

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This poem was the immediate result of a broken heart. A friend and I both got our hearts broken by the same guy. But that's a complicated story. >
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I am, for the most part, no good at summaries. and this is a poem that has to be figured out, sort of. it's about a young man and the way he copes with the loss of his lover.... R&R!!
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