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Um...Hi, I'm Lina and this is my useless bio!

I am not exactly a new writer, nor am I an experienced, published one, so feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated.

I aim to become a serious actress one day...That is my dream...ha, yea, the story of my life..what can I say? I am a dreamer.


The fact is, is that I dislike it when people don't give good me I suck or something...but, feedback saying whether my stories need improvement is appreciated, just nicely!!


~*~*~*~*~*~ is a REALLY cool poem by one of our own authors at, the brilliant and nice Cassia!

I may not understand what you feel,
I may never walk your road,
But I will stand beside you while you heal,
I will share your load.

All my strength I will bid you,
All the care I can send,
No matter what we go through,
Because you are my friend.
Thanks to Cassia for letting me put her poem on my bio...that means a lot to me. This poem describes my feelings towards my friends and well...thanks.


"You see things and ask 'why?' But I dream things that never were and say 'why not?'"
~George Bernard Shaw


BYE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

well, I'm working on an original fic...I just have to getmy thoughts straight. be patient, and it will come.

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