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Random Ponderings/Rants, and Updates:

Random Ponderings/Rants:

"I believe... that we are off the edge..."
"The edge of what?"
"The world? Our sanity? Does it really matter?"
"Then we're falling?"
"Yes. I think that we are falling up."
"How else can you fall when your upside down?"
"Maybe we are all just standing still."

"I shall always be alone. Unless you count my talking to myself as keeping company."

"I don't care!!! You can bloody well go to hell-"
"And you won't care?"
"And I won't... know how I would feel..." "I don't like that."
"That you might actually care for me?"
"That I don't know how I feel."

We assalt in order to defend. Following the old rule of get them before they get you. But in this way we narrow are minds and hearts, til we become so closed away that insanity can be consitered sane. And insanity often is not the best way to live.

I refuse to step lightly. If you step lightly, how will you ever make an impact on your world?



I just turned on the TV, knowing that Inuyasha is usually on at 11:00. What do I see? Not Inuyasha. I go to the site to see what's up. Inuyasha has disappered from their site. Mystikat is pissed, putting her hand through the TV looks like a good idea.

Does anyone know what happened?

P.S.: I'm taking away the Ads portion of my bio.



Christmas is Tommorrow!! Yay!! *Dances like a loony*

I've added a new thing to my bio where I put up sites and stories that I like and that you should check out. (Of course, going to my favorite authors and stories page might be easier).



I got rid of all the junk I had on my bio and did a major redesign. From now on, there will be random ponderings/rants and updates. No more bio, quotes or story summeries.

Now, down to business: I will not be updating any fictions besides 'Inuyasha 2521' for a while because of my major case of writer's block. And because of my manor case of writer's block on 'Inuyasha 2521' I won't be updating that til maybe next month.

Sorry if I have disappointed anyone.


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