Sekihara Tae
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Originally a Rurouni Kenshin fanfic writer exclusively, I now dabble in quite a few series -- Weiss Kreuz, Kodocha, Ranma... However, I still generally stick to RK, and focus mainly on K&K stories. And yes, I'm still writing! (^.~)

BTW, so far the stories I've posted were written at various stages over the last few years. Rest assured that I didn't spawn all of these rather odd little outtakes at once; the spates of insanity come at intervals.

Update cycle (in order of priority):
(1) Untitled (but in-progress) Ran-Sakura WK romance
(2) Kagami no Kage
(3) Shebang! (a WK Yohji romance)
(4) With a Single Wish -- chapter 1
(5) Strengths -- chapter 3

I also plan a "60 Second Vignette" for Slayers... which, depending on how the above are coming along, I might start at any moment...