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I'm 17!!! YAY! Still a Cali girl, still lovin' slash. Am wrapping up my work in the HP fandom, when I finish my 3 current projects (MFML, the side story to that, and LP)I'll be less active in HP. I know, I'm sorry :(
What else, hmmm... check out my fav authors, Klee (she freakin rocks!), Cerulean (a dear friend who refuses to acknowledge that fanfiction.net is for *fanfiction*), and CrystalStarGuardian (who also rocks), and oh! Mojenica (she writes Mummy fics).
Music tastes!: apc, filter, radiohead, the apex theory, incubus, adema, silverchair, tool
Love: potatoes, Matt Damon, curly hair, Star Wars, chocolate, snow, and reviews!
Archives: My own site, SmearedSilver (check it out!), anywhere else please ask first... ^_^
Latest Update: 1-19-03 LotR slash fic, "Interlude in Imladris"
Next Update: MFML11 for sure. Go to my site for a sneak peek.

Bored yet? You should be ^_^.
*long-suffering look* Go read my fics now! And feel free to IM me!