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Harpwire is dead. Long live Wunderlust!

Yes, yes, Protectors of the Plot Continuum is alive and kicking! It goes "kick, kick", at http:///~vze3b4pq/PPC_TOS/PPC_main.html

I am seventeen, but I ask that you don't hold this against me. (If I ever use "u" to mean "you" in conversation, please shoot me.)

I am of the cult of the Fiction Purists, one of those reprehensible beings who believes that Legolas should act his age (and not as if he were a fifteen year old), and that unicorns should not exist in Middle Earth. I am a skeptic. If your fic says "this is not a Mary Sue!!11", I will not automatically believe you.

I like plausible slash, but have a galloping allergy for both pointless slash AND "slash is, like, so sick you know!" reviewers.

Don't like a comment I've left on your story? IM me ([email protected], or otikhorak on Yahoo!). Don't try to start an unrelated arguments on the review boards of my stories. Thank you.

PS: I am not British. I am American. I would rather be British...

*(Yes. Plausible slash exists. Try Nimue's work, or Camilla Sandman's.)

I pledge allegiance to this non-offensive cloth symbol consisting of red and white bars and a blue field with white stylized stars, associated with the United States of America [excludes South America, Central America, Mexico, and Canada: and to the representative voting system for which it stands: One collective system, under the higher being of your choice, indivisible [except in times of civil war or the superbowl, with liberty [as defined in the Constitution] and Justice [as dispensed by the courts] for all citizens of aforesaid nation.