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LOL...I'm not very good at these(ironic for a writer, eh? ;P), but here we go...

I'm what you'd call a writeaholic. I'm usually not very far from a pen/pencil and a pad of paper or notebook. Did I mention I have some rather insane muses? I didn't? Yes, I have insane muses. They love to surprise me, particularly when driving or focusing on something more important(like sleeping...), with new ideas.

Currently my writing obssessions are TMNT, Sailormoon, and Samurai Jack. Unless my muses stop giving me novel-sized ideas, you'll probably see more TMNT and Jack fics up than the Sailormoon ones that I have posted elsewhere.

I do have a few homepages, but until I get some sort of index page set up in one place or another, I'll list 'em here instead of in the Homepage area.

The Turtles' Lair: http:///~dennis/index.html

A warning to that one...it is still active, but due to computer problems, I haven't been able to work on it since probably spring of 2000. My computer HAS been fixed recently, so hopefully it'll get active again soon. In the meantime...my updates for that site will go...


And my other lovely page for the four Shitennou/Generals of Sailormoon...

Legendary Elemental Shitennou of the Silver Millennium:

Hopefully soon I'll have some fiction up for ya to read. Until then...happy writing!