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Hey everyone!!

My name's Chloe (obv!!) and I'm 21. I have always been into writing ever since I was a tiny kid, when everyone else had skipping ropes in the playground I would be out there with an excericse book writing stories.

I first started writing fanfics about 6 years ago but then gave up, so here I am giving it another go!

I love pop music, always have done and at the moment it's a1 all the way for me.

Hope you enjoy my writing, please review for me, and any helpful criticism would be gratefully appreciated as I fear that my punctuation and grammer skills aren't what they used to be!!

I also write under another name which I share with one of my bestest friends Katie, so if you haven't checked out our fic yet its story ID is 852415 and we are "KC"

Lots of love

Chloe xx