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Amy. 25. England. Big family. Loud. Talkative. Affectionate. Over-analytical. Scaredy cat. My Father's Daughter.
Love: Rain. Giraffes. Harry Potter. YA novels. Lip balm. My iPod. Chick flicks/comedies. Nail files. Having curly hair. My Gupalup. Pasta.
: Mushrooms. Spiders. Dry lips. Bad skin days. Weather extremes. Judgemental people. Soap Operas.

One. Current Status:
Finished - A View from the Bridge, Hilton Academy.
Ongoing - Poems; For My Father.

Three. The lovely Jenina over at the SkoW awards recently interviewed me for SKoW Radio (though God knows why.) If you'd like to listen to the interview, visit the SKoW Radio livejournal page and find 'Episode 3 - When Everything is Harmonized.' But be warned--I'm a talker :)

Four. Honourshill is finished. Not for me--I'm redrafting it, editing it, basically torturing myself with it, but for you guys it's all done. I really want to thank everyone who read it, whether they reviewed or not. You readers were very patient, with both it and me, and the constructive criticism I received was the most helpful I've ever been offered. Many of you know that this story was a very personal one for me, drawing from my own experiences of losing my father, and I couldn't have wished for it to be any better received than it was. So many of you just Got It, and Ayah too; that was beyond incredible. So, since it's done, thank you for one last time to every reader of that story--my journey with Ayah isn't yet complete, but I hope the conclusion of it felt that way for you.

Five. Important. It has come to my attention that there has been some issues with plagiarism on the site, with at least one instance of a stolen story being put up for sale on , a self-publishing site. This means that the rightful author and owner of the story in question would find it near impossible, or totally impossible, to sell their story should they want it to be published. Since I have intentions to seek publication of Honourshill (my most popular story posted on this site) once I am finished with the redraft, I've decided it was necessary to take the story down as it's too valuable to risk leaving it up in the current environment. I'm sad to do this because it feels horrible to remove access to the story from the overwhelming majority of readers who would never dream of taking advantage of the work and only enjoying it, but I'm sure my decision is understandable. My remaining stories will stay online, as I have no intentions to seek publication with them, but it disappoints me that those two are the only stories I can risk leaving up, purely because I wouldn't recommend anyone to read them. I'm sorry if any innocent readers had hoped to re-read Honourshill. Should I ever have luck finding a publisher for it once my work on it is completed, I will be sure to post word. Thank you to everyone who supported Honourshill :)

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A Cliché Waiting To Happen by springish reviews
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I'm waiting for the day when he'll wake up and remember who I am. And what I meant to him.
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This Storm by Jazzy Kitty reviews
Zack is arrogant, mysterious, and he loves to irritate her. With him, there are always things left unsaid and under the surface. Yet when he leaves unexpectedly, Zack leaves a hole in her heart that she didn't know was supposed to be there. [Complete]
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A Life to Live At Little Harbor by Lady Jenna reviews
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At The Harbor With No Water by Lady Jenna reviews
Jackie Robinson, a bright, moody senior at Little Harbor High School is ready to begin her life in the real world. But the real world sneaks up on her in the form of Jason Walker, her new English teacher. Walker and his family will open up Jackie’s eyes
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Poems, For my Father reviews
A series of poems about losing my Dad to cancer. 'One of Those Families, in Winter' added 071007
Poetry: Family - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 11 - Words: 3,110 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 10/7/2007 - Published: 2/21/2005
Who am I? reviews
A poem showing the struggle of discovering yourself without relying upon other people's perspectives of who you are and who they think you should be.
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Mothering Resentment reviews
I'm not dealing well with having lost my father two years ago now, and, thanks to my mother's manner of handling things, and me, i'm beginning to resent her.
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Hilton Academy reviews
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A View from the Bridge reviews
When you’re trying to co-direct a school play to get theatrical credit for college the last thing you need is to be torn between the school’s resident Mr.Popular & Mr.Rebellion. Dee finds herself in that exact position & things only get more complex
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