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Hey everyone. My name is Luna Star. I am a really big anime fan. I have been into it since I was 10. I am really into reading, writing, anything to do with language arts. I love to sing even though I think I suck. So yes I am in choir. I like anything that have to do with the moon or stars, hence my pen name, Luna star. I love water. Anything that has to do with water, Swimming, Water fights, Rain, pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, ect. My greatest loves in my life are fighting,
(not cat fights or I will meet you in the back of the school at 3:00 fights. No... I like Martial arts.) Rain,
(Already explained that) and FOOD. I love food. Major part of my life. I like any and all types of food. Even though I eat a lot, I am lucking because I don't gain much wait from it. Not a big skateboarder person but I admire people who are. Music? I like Rock, Classic Rock, a little bit of punk, some rap, classical, ohhh the list goes on forever. I am just learning to play guitar. I have a cat and his name is McCoy. He is about 8
Months old and is my baby. I am too tall for my liking. About 5/7 ahhh I wish I were shorter. I love romance mostly because my romance life sucks ^_^ oh well. I am mostly attracted to Japanese guys but you people don't need to know that. Well to tired to write more.

My fav. Anime are:
1. DBZ
2. Esca
3. CCS
4. Gundam Wing
5. Sailor Moon (gotta love Darien)
I also like many more but it would take me forever to type them all down.

My age-14
Hair-Blond (wish it was black, dying it brown cuz closest thing to black and I would look really weird with black hair.
Eyes- blue
location-Like hell am I gonna tell (wow I'm a poet and I didn't even... uhh who cares)
Fav.Color- Black. then dark blue, dark purple, dark green, uhh...Dark colors.
Element- Water
Real name-Nikki

ok. well I hope you all like my fics. Thanks for everything.

-Luna Star