His lordship Chaos
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Not much is known about the mysterious past of His lordship Chaos, and even he seems to have quite the case of amnesia. Though sources report he spent quite a lot of time burping up as a baby. And so we hit the adolescent years. After concocting his 5-year plan to rule the world thanks to his crack team of commando penguins, His lordship Chaos was walking through a local Blockbuster store one day and then stumbled across the Anime "Devil Hunter Yohko". His family attests that he has never been normal since.

Satiating his rampant desire of Anime, our magnificent yet happily psychotic author then turned his attention to fanfiction. One day in the airport, after a brief hiatus in Brasil (which involved a plot to control the world's coffee markets) he came across the Harry Potter series. After reading the first book, he decided that he had a sexier butt than Severus Snape.

Aside from his love of Anime and HP, His lordship Chaos also enjoys letting his brain take long moonlit walks on the beaches of Acapulco, showering at least twice a day, and trying to capture Puchuu bears. His lordship would also like to assure the nice gentlemen in the white coats that he is being well-treated, and enjoying his newfound freedom in the company of numerous cute, female writing assistants.