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Well, I love Digimon, Card Captors, and Escaflowne but I just mainly write Digimon fics. Ummm, I love angst with happy endings, like if a characters really depressed or something. My all time favorite theme is when Taichi's been abused emotionally or physically and Matt comes through at the last second and saves his life. My all time favorite character on Digimon is Taichi!! Yeah, I know you guys don't like him but I do, alright?!?!?! I LOVE Yamachi! I just think it's so cute, but I only like true Yamachi. Ya know, just when Tai is the Ukimi. *Shrugs* He just seems like the type to me. Poor little guy always just seems like he's acting when he smiles. He needs Yamato to keep him safe and let him know he's loved! Matt's way more dominant, definate Seme material. Plus it's obvious from how he looks after TK that he likes to take care of people. He was really upset when he realized that TK didn't need him anymore. Tai tries really hard to look after Kari and he'd die for her in a second, but you can tell it's hard for him because he's the one who really needs protected and comforted...Well, that's my opinion anyway. YAMACHI 4-EVER!!! I really appreciate feedback from readers so please R+R when you read my stories. I do take requests for originals or sequels, but if I think it's something I absolutly cannot do then I'll say so. Don't hesitate to ask though, I always need good ideas so just e-mail me and tell me what yours is. Other than that I just hope you like my fics, bye!^_^