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I haven't written many stories yet (only 2 to be exact), but I am working on it! Hope you enjoy my stories, if you want to see my favourite authors + stories feel free to have a look.

If you have any suggestions feel free to email me! And if you'd like me to read any of your Sorato's or Takari's then send me an email as well.

Feel free to add me on AIM or the email I use for MSN is (Yahoo does work, don't worry I'm not trying to lead you on).

A little bit about moi...

I live in New Zealand, I'm 13 and I love Takari & Sorato!!!!! (Send me flamers if you want). Oh and, My Takari's arn't going to have Sorato hints in them because lot's of people who read Takari's like Taiora so...No Hints! I love getting emails so if you want me to include anything in my stories or you have a story idea you would like me to write send me an email.

What I'm doing now...

Behind Closed Doors: Chap. 9 will be out very soon!

This is More Than I Thought: This is temporarily on hold for now. Sorry folks!

The Sappy, Crappy Show!: I have read over this and it needs re-writing and will be posted again at a later date.

Love Always,

TheAngelofLove ^_~